Shalom semua peserta-peserta PBK-11! Di sini kami telah menyediakan ruang bagi anda untuk mengongsikan pengalaman-pengalaman anda sepanjang 5 hari berPBK. Pasti rakan-rakan yang tidak dapat menyertai mau tahu cerita-cerita best anda.

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    weiwei grace (Friday, 10 September 2010 12:27)

    pngalaman yg cukup mengmbirakan...brsama keluarga angkat,kawan2 baru,katekisis yg best2,makanan yg sedap...rugi kalau x ikut..hari trakhir barsama kluarga angkat,smpai sy mnangis2 bha...mereka sungguh baik,kawan2 yg baru yg sporting....yeaahhh...tq vry much to MOT,LOT,sub-team n semua yg trlibat...will miss that moment...

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    Cleris (Saturday, 11 September 2010 08:48)

    The BEST experience i ever have is joining PBK...huhu...memang rugi owh kawan2 sa yang tida dpt join ni PBK...thanks kepada kawan2 baru saya d CSG n peserta2 dari paroki2 n keuskupan lain yang peramah n sporting & also to AJK2 pelaksana yang bertungkus lumus menjayakan program ini...May God Bless Us...
    "LOVE must be SINCERE. HATE what is EVIL; CLING to what is GOOD. Be DEVOTED to one another in BORTHERLY LOVE. HONOR one another ABOVE YOURSELVES"
    ROMAN 12: 9-10

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    CDT (Saturday, 11 September 2010 10:05)

    PBK XI has ended. I thank God for this event and I praise Him for making it possible for me to be part of it as the Participant, Foster Family and Organiser =) *author: happy*

    What I like about PBKXI.

    From the eyes of the participant;

    I didn’t get the chance to be part of the whole event. I will only pick from the sessions that I manage to join…

    Opening: Gift of Life.
    *Author: sing!* “ku kan traBanggggg..tinggi di awan" hehe.. Praising and worshiping him gives me joy and peace! walaupun mengalami sakit kaki selepas menjalani aktiviti terkinja-kinja yg terlampau, namun ia masih tetap berbaloi-baloi! hahahaha..

    Fellowship with my fellow members during breakfast.
    Riang ria gelak ketawa bersama rakan-rakan ‘seperjuangan’ hehehe… the amount of laughter that I had with u guys every mimang cukup untuk bekalan sepanjang hari! hahahahaha...

    I like this the most! Of all the sessions that I manage to join. This is the session where I received the most. For me, it was a counselling session cum a confession session. One thing that I would like to quote from Father is that he said "Nothing is permanent in this world. Not even our life! The only thing that is permanent is change. So you have to accept 'things' as it is and savor the moment of your life on earth" ... Father left me with that to reflect on... pastu he gave me my penance & invite me to drop by to his office, in case I needed somebody to talk to...Thank you Father..Thank you Jesus!

    From the eyes of the foster family.
    Jadi ibu muda *author says: muda ka??* hahahahaha.. siok! I wish I can spend more time with both of my ‘daughters’. Eventho I only had 1 breakfast, 1 dinner, 1 lectio divina and few sembang2 sessions with them at home *author says: I didn’t manage to do the rosary prayer & morning prayer as I have other commitment*. The amount of time that I spent with them is enough to make me feel ‘void’ when they went back. Sedih & sayu ja rasa time mo hantar diorg balik... huhu.. BTW, I received a gift from one of my ‘daughter’ masa malam terakhir diorg tinggal di rumah saya. It was a deco of Mother Mary prayer.. I feel blessed! & thankful!..I didn’t expect that.. To my daughters in Christ, I love you both! =)

    From the eyes of the Organiser

    The opportunity to serve.
    Eversince I step down from leadership in one of the ministry in my parish (Note: due to some health reasons), saya sudah jarang2 berkecimpung dalam 'industri gereja'. Tho the heart to serve others is still there, there’s a limit to the level of commitment that I can give. I praise HIM for giving me the opportunity to serve HIM through this event. Terubat juga rindu mo menabur bakti di ladang Tuhan *author: giggles*

    Opportunity to learn.
    Through this event He also gives me the opportunity to learn. Being part of the organiser, I think we've done our best to serve Him. It might not be the most perfect event. But through the imperfection, He gives us the opportunity to learn from our mistakes and grow in Christ. An all caps AMEN! for that.

    Though the event has ended i'm sure that this event will be treasured in everybody's flickr of memories. Hope everybody gain/learn something from this event, as I do. Smile & God bless~

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    wethlee@jess (Sunday, 19 December 2010 02:18)

    huh...PBK-11 mmg syok...smpai sya rasa mcm tdk mau pulang ni...hehehe...sya rasa syok ikt ni sia2 join ni camp...ada jga yg sya dpt...melalui pbk=11 ni,sya dpt merasakan satu panggilan utk melayani...dan,sya hrp,lebih ramai lg belia utk menerima panggilan utk bekerja d ladang Tuhan...jgn lelah bekerja D ladang Tuhan...utk belia2 dari good shepherd menggatal,teruskan pelayanan anda d ladang Tuhan...semoga Tuhan memberkati kamu semua...hehehe...

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